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Show Tech-Support Command

When contacting Pica8 for technical support, issue the command show tech-support because it captures the complete status of a PicOS switch. It is recommended to send the output of show tech-support command along with the system log. The following samples describe how to obtain the output.

Log in to the switch and enter the cli command at the Linux shell to reach the PicOS L2/L3 operation mode.

Synchronizing configuration...OK.
Pica8 PicOS Version 2.6
Welcome to PicOS L2/L3 on Leaf-1

Enter the show tech-support command.

admin@Leaf-1> show tech_support
Item 1: Display system version finished!
Item 2: Display system interface finished!
Item 3: Display system configuration finished!
Item 4: Display system config files finished!
Item 5: Display system process finished!
Item 6: Display system fdb table finished!
Item 7: Display system fdb entries finished!
Item 8: Display system ospf neighbors finished!
Item 9: Display system ospf interfaces finished!
Item 10: Display system route table finished!
Item 11: Get error event from log!
Item 12: Display system hard-route table finished!
Item 13: Display system hard-route for host finished!
Item 14: Display system spanning tree interfaces finished!
Item 15: Display system spanning tree  bridge finished!
Item 16: Display system vlans table finished!
Item 17: Display system vlan-interfaces finished!
Item 18: Display system core-dump finished!
Item 19: Display system uptime finished!
Item 20: Display system arp table finished!
The information has been stored in /tmp/Leaf-1-201507050614-techSupport.log, please forward to

The last line of the output of show tech-support command provides the name and location of the file to which the output was saved. In the above example, the name of the file is Leaf-1-201507050614-techSupport.log that has been saved to the /tmp directory.

You can transfer the file, generated by show tech-support command, from the switch to your computer over SCP (Secure Copy Protocol). There is a nice free Windows utility called WinSCP, available for download at, which you can use to copy the file from the switch to your computer over SCP.

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