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In egress table,can not match mpls label in match field because the mpls label achived by udf and egress table are not achieved by udf.Supporting match fields are dl_type,vlan_tci,dl_dst,dl_src,src ip,dst ip,.tp_dst,tp_src.From version 2.10,pica8 switch support match "output_port" in egress table.The prerequisites using this match field is that must exist a flow with an output port  in other flow table.

Egress mode is disabled by default,users can enable this mode by command  "ovs-vsctl set-egress-mode true [table_id]".The default table id is 253.


ovs-vsctl set-egress-mode true [table_id]

table_id range is 0~254.default value is 253.

Egress Flow

The flows' match field must include table_id,the actions of egress flow can be drop,mod_nw_tos,set_queue.When you want to modify the tos value,dl_type is neccessary in match field.


ovs-vsctl set-egress-mode true
ovs-ofctl add-flow br0 table=253,in_port=1,ip,actions=mod_nw_tos:32


add a flow in icap table

ovs-ofctl add-flow br0 in_port=2,dl_vlan=10,actions=set_field:20-\>vlan-vid,3

enable egress mode

ovs-vsctl set-egress-mode true

add a flow to table 253

ovs-ofctl add-flow br0 table=253,in_port=2,output_port=3,dl_vlan=20,actions=drop









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