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The number of OpenFlow Flows is often a critical piece of any SDN solution. This is a summary of Openflow Flow scalability per family of Chipset.


ChipsetTCAM SizeFIB SizeAll tuples in TCAMIPv4 in TCAMIPv6 in TCAMMAC in TCAMARP in TCAMIPv4 in FIBIPv6 in FIB
Trident2108kBCommon FIB and L2 Memory204840961024409620481152006000(will improve later)
Trident2+ Common FIB and L2 Memory81921638440961638481921152006000(will improve later)
Tomahawk162kBCommon FIB and L2 Memory1024Not SupportNot SupportNot SupportNot Support11520057600






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