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The PicOS switch may restart after detecting an unrecoverable error. This situation is usually referred to as a system crash.

When the switch crashes, it will create a core file that user can use to figure out what went wrong. The core file is stored in the directory /pica/core. Use the file list command in PicOS L2/L3 operation mode to display the contents of the directory.

admin@LEAF-A> file list /pica/core
total 0

The output above shows that there is no file in the /pica/core directory. The switch we used never crashed and did not create any core file. 

The PicOS writes the last log messages to the /var/log/last_death file after a system crash.

admin@LEAF-A> file show /var/log/last_death | count
Count: 405 lines
admin@LEAF-A> file show /var/log/last_death | match lcmgr
Jun 23 2015 04:08:56 XorPlus : [PICA_MONITOR]Process pica_lcmgr, running, PID 2823
Jun 23 2015 04:08:56 XorPlus : [PICA_MONITOR]Monitor for process pica_lcmgr started
Jun 23 2015 04:44:32 XorPlus local0.err : [LCMGR]Someone set counter interval to ZERO!!
Jun 23 2015 04:44:34 XorPlus local0.err : [RTRMGR]XRL Death: class lcmgr01 instance lcmgr01-5eeea3b7d435a0b7277ba879a582fff6@
time:Thu Jan 1 00:43:34 1970 death module:lcmgr01
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