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he run show dot1x server command displays the reachability of the AAA servers configured on the switch.

Command Syntax

run show dot1x server




  • Run run show dot1x server command to view reachability of the RADIUS servers.
admin@Xorplus# run show dot1x server 
Server-IP         Status        Priority  Activity  Retry-Interval  Retry-Num
----------------  ------------  --------  --------  --------------  ---------       reachable     2            *      5   Sec(s)      5       reachable     3            -      1   Sec(s)      3       reachable     ...            -      5   Sec(s)      5  

Table 1. Description of the run show dot1x server command output




Indicates the RADIUS Server IP configured on the switch.


Indicates whether the RADIUS server is reachable. The value could be reachable or unreachable.


Indicates the priority of AAA server. The value is an integer that ranges from 1 to 3. Priority of 1 is higher than 3.

“...” indicates a lowest priority if not configured for the AAA server.

Note: The AAA servers are listed in the order of priority.


Indicates whether the server is currently selected for NAC authentication.

If this server is selected for authentication, displayed as “*”, else the value is “-”.


Indicates the interval for re-sending the authentication messages to the AAA server when the AAA server does not respond during NAC authentication.


Indicates the maximum number of authentication attempts when the AAA server does not respond during NAC authentication.

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