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Follow the below precautions before using AG5648 switch:

  1. The first 48 ports are grouped, each four ports are grouped as shown in the following table.

Groups of ports

port1- port4

port5- port8

port9- port12

port13- port16

port17- port20

port21- port24

port25- port28

port29- port32

port33- port36

port37- port40

port41- port44

port45- port48

2. Within the same group, mixed insertion of 10G and 25G rate is not supported, mixed insertion of 1G and 25G rate is not supported. However, mixed insertion of 1G and 10G rate within the same group is supported.

       The rate here refers to the configured port speed by using the set interface gigabit-ethernet speed command. For example,

       If both the 1G and 25G optical modules are inserted in the same group, and then the 25G port speed is configured to 10G or 1G will make both ports to be up and working. The ports of this group can also be setup and configured according to the above mentioned support scenarios.

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