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User can configure the virtual link OSPF interface md5 authentication ID and the max time drift among all routers.

Command Syntax
set protocols ospf4 vrf <vrf-name> area <area-id> virtual-link <router-id> authentication md5 <int> max-time-drift <time>


• <vrf-name>Optional. Specifies a VRF name. The value is a string. It’s a user-defined VRF set by the command set ip vrf <vrf-name> [description <string>].

Note that: The configuration is in the default VRF if not explicitly bound to any VRF.

<area-id>  The OSPF area to which the attached network belongs.
<router-id>  A unique 32-bit identifier within this AS.
<int>  The MD5 authentication key ID range 0-255
<time>  Maximum time drift (in seconds) among all routers.Required select include:

  • 0-65534 The maximum time drift
  • 65535 Unlimited time drift

• This example configure the max time drift 20 seconds of the virtual link OSPF interface md5 key ID 23 authentication.

admin@XorPlus# set protocols ospf4 area virtual-link authentication md5 23 max-time-drift 20
admin@XorPlus# commit
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