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RYU is an open flow controller that has been integrated with the Pica8 open switch with OVS 1.10 implementation that supports Open Flow v1.3. Additional RYU information can be found at the RYU website The purpose of Pica8 RYU integration is to provide an open source SDN platform so that the SDN community can prototype, test, and develop applications in an open source environment with an open flow switching platform for real traffic testing. With the configuration provided in this starter kit, user should be able to have real traffic running in a week to test out the application scenarios using OVS commands. Both OVS and RYU are open source with Apache licenses that developers can access easily.

To clone the RYU directory, open a shell window from $home directory. Then, use git clone git:// to copy the RYU code base. It will create an ryu directory in $home.

Figure 2 – Clone RYU. Then cd ryu and sudo python ./ install to complete the installation.

Figure 3 – Install RYU. The installation installs the ryu-manager and ryu-client to the $home/ryu/bin and /usr/local/bin directories. Now we are ready to run the test applications.

Figure 4 – RYU-manager and RYU-client

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