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It makes no difference whether to launch Floodlight before or after bringing up Pica8 switch. In this document, we start Floodlight after bringing up Pica8 switch.


Figure 10 – Start Floodlight  

The following figure shows the connection between Pica8 switch and Floodlight.

Figure 11 – Start Floodlight

We can also use Wireshark to capture the traffic between Pica8 switch and Floodlight as shown below:

Figure 12 – Wireshark Captures

We can also use the following command to show the connection status:

  • ovs-vsctl  show

 Figure 13 – Show OVS Connection Status

 We can now use the following command to verify that all of the physical ports are connected:

  • ovs-ofctl show br0

Figure 14 – Show Physical Port Status 


At this moment, there are no flows defined:

  • ovs-ofctl dump-flows br0

Figure 15 – No Flows defined in Pica8 Switch 

If we try to ping from PC1 to PC2, it fails:

Figure 16 – Ping Fails

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