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These notes summarizes PICOS 3.8 new features, new hardware, known bugs, and bug fixes. Best practices recommend that you read all the content before upgrading to this release. For more detailed feature information, refer to the configuration guides.

New Features

Layer 2 and Layer 3

Bug IDReleaseDescription

VXLAN Routing
The VTEP enabled VXLAN routing behaves as a VXLAN L3 gateway under centralized routing mode. Please have detailed at VXLAN Routing.


Enable VXLAN on NAC Ports
VXLAN is not allowed to be configured on the ports with NAC, such as 802.1x and MAB and web authentication, enabled. This restriction is removed in release 3.8.0.


DNS Domain Search List
Add a CLI command "set system dns-search-list xxxx" to configure the search list of DNS lookup with the host name.


Bug IDReleaseDescription

Support AS5835-54T
AS5835-54T consists of 48X10G RJ ports and 6X100G QSFP28 uplink ports on the front panel.

Fixed Issues

Layer 2 and Layer 3 Features

Bug IDReleaseDescription

Cannot Read out EEPROM Data on AS7326-56X
The I2C address is changed on the new model of AS7326-56X.  The driver code is modified to fix this issue on the update model of AS7326.

131723.8.0.1Aquantia PHY Firmware is Not in SPI Flash on N3224PX-ON
Ports cannot link up if Aquantia firmware is not loaded to the RAM of the external PHY on N3224PX-ON. In case that Aquantia PHY firmware is not in SPI flash attached to the external PHY, PICOS will get CLD image of Aquantia PHY firmware programmed into the SPI flash. And then reset the external PHY to load Aquantia PHY firmware and make ports up automatically.
131713.8.0.1Cannot Forward Traffic if Link Speed is 5G on N3224PX-ON
If link speed is negotiated to 5G with a connected device, the traffic from the attached device cannot be forwarded. This issue was fixed in
131613.8.0.1Cannot Recognize PoE Device of Class 4-8 on N3224PX-ON
By testing with PoE tester, PD class 4-8 cannot be recognized on N3224PX-ON. This issue was fixed in
131733.8.0.1NAC: Downloadable ACL Rules with L4 Port Range don't Work on Trident3-X3 Platforms
A DACL rules to match a L4 port range cannot be applied to the ASIC hardware on Trident3-X3 Platforms such as Dell N32XX and EdgeCore AS4630. This issue was fixed in
131593.8.0.1PoE Cannot Work on N3132PX-ON
PoE cannot work on specific port randomly on N3132PX-ON. This issue was fixed in

Static MAC Address is Changed to Dynamic on MLAG peer-link Port 

On an MLAG spine switch called spine A for convenience of expression, configure a static MAC address on the peer-link port. If this MAC address is learned on a single-homed port on the peering spine switch, it will be synchronized to spine A on peer-link port. And then the type of this configured static MAC address on the peer-link port is changed to dynamic.

OVS Features

Bug IDReleaseDescription

OVS Web Service is Still up Even If It is Disabled in PICOS Configuration

The lighttpd service is brought up by systemd because the setting of the option "WantedBy" in lighttpd.service, which walks around the toggle option (ovs_enable_lighttpd=false) in /etc/picos/picos_start.conf.

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