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These notes summarizes PICOS 4.0 & 4.0.1 new features, new hardware, known bugs, and bug fixes. Best practices recommend that you read all the content before upgrading to this release. For more detailed feature information, refer to the configuration guides.

FRR Integration 

By integrating FRR, the following L3 features are provided. 

  • BGP 
  • OSPFv2 
  • Static routing 
  • PIM and IGMP 
  • VRF 
  • VRF-aware L3 protocols - BGP and OSPF and PIM and Static routing 
  • Route Filtering  
  • Route map  
  • Prefix list 
  • BGP specific community-list and as-path-list. 
  • EVPN with multi-protocol BGP (MP-BGP) 
  • EVPN type-2, EVPN type-3 and EVPN type-5 
  • EVPN BUM Traffic with PIM-SM 

Please note, the CLI commands are NOT compatible with previous versions. 

Debian 10 Migration 

  • ROOTFS is based on latest Debian stable release, buster, currently 10.9. 
  • Python 3.7.3 is added. By default, python is linked to python2 at version 2.7.16. 
  • Security update 
  • Linux kernel is updated to 5.4 LTS release, currently 5.4.105 
  • Fixed CVE-2020-25705, included in 5.4.73 
  • Fixed CVE-2017-5715 
  • Openssl updated to 1.1.1d at 1.1.1d-0+deb10u6 
  • Ntp updated to 4.2.8p12+dfsg-4 

VXLAN Update 

  • Only one VLAN can be mapped to a specific VXLAN VNI. And a pair of VLAN and port is not allowed to be mapped to a VXLAN VNI, which is available in previous versions. 
  • With EVPN, configuring VXLAN via OVSDB remotely is not supported. CLI command, “set protocols ovsdb …", does not function. 

L3 Interface 

Configuration of VLAN interface is restructured. Vif is removed from vlan-interface configuration.   

Loopback over VRF 

One and only one Layer 3 loopback interface is allowed to be configured on a specific VRF. 

Management VRF Update 

By default, management VRF is not enabled. Management interface and other L3 interfaces share the same route table (table 254) in the Linux kernel on the software side. Management VRF is recommended to be enabled if management interface is used to access the switch. 

Known Limitations 

  • Upgrade to PICOS 4.0.0 is not supported. 
  • ARM platforms is not supported in PICOS 4.0.0, but is supported from PICOS 4.0.1. 
  • EVPN is not supported on ARM platforms.
  • NETCONF is not supported in PICOS 4.0.0. 
  • SNMP MIBs specific to L3 protocol are not supported. 
  • IPv6 is not supported.   
  • The following CLI commands may not work. 
    • rollback 
    • load merge/override 
    • Delete configurations crossing multiple modules 
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