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As4610 serial includes as4610-54p, as4610-30p, as4610-54t, as4610-54t_B.

·System LED Definition:

SystemGreen solidSystem Diagnostic & OS OK
Green BlinkingSystem Diagnostic & OS in progress
Amber solidSystem Diagnostic & OS Failed
PSU1Green solidPower supply 1 operates normally
Amber solidPower supply 1 present but fault
OffPower supply 1 isn’t presented. No PSU1
PSU2Green solidPower supply 2 operates normally
Amber solidPower supply 2 present but fault
OffPower supply 2 isn’t presented. No PSU2
FANGreen solidFan works normally
Amber solidFan fail
PoEGreen solidSystem has power budget for PoE.
Amber solidSystem doesn’t have power budget for PoE.
STK1      Not supported.
STK2      Not supported.
PRI      Not supported.

·port LED Definition:

Port TypeConditionStatus

RJ-45 Port

GreenPort Link without POE
Green BlinkingPort Link/Activity without POE
AmberPort Link with POE
Amber BlinkingPort Link/Activity with POE

SFP+ Port

Green10G Port Link
Green Blinking10G Port Link/Activity
Amber1G Port Link
Amber Blinking1G Port Link/Activity
OffNo Link


Green20G Port Link
Green Blinking20G Port Link/Activity
OffNo Link

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