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When configuring DHCP snooping and DHCP relay, pay attention to the following notes:

  • DHCP relay only works on the L3 VLAN interface with single IP address and single VRID if VRRP is used.
  • DHCP relay supports VRF function by binding DHCP client VLAN interface to a specified VRF.

  • Inter-VRF routing isn’t support by DHCP relay.
  • Dynamic ARP Inspection (DAI) is supported in the Active-Active VRRP mode, but NOT supported in the standard VRRP mode.
  • Enable IP routing function before using DHCP relay.
  • When a DHCP Offer/Ack/Nak message with Option 82 is received, Option 82 is removed before the message is forwarded.
  • The DHCP snooping function is only practicable to the clients directly connected in the local L2 domain, rather than connected through a router.
  • There will be compatibility issues with DHCP features when upgrading from a version before PICOS 3.7.0, so upgrading from a version before 3.7.0 to this version is not supported.
  • When configuring Option 82 in MLAG environment, remote ID should be set to “system-mac” and circuit ID should be set to “port-index”.
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