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On N3048EP-ON, N3048ET-ON, N1148T-ON and N3132PX switches, you have to do configuration saving described below. This specific save command is requested by hardware vendor due to the Flash limitation on numbers of write/erase cycles.

 N3048EP-ON, N3048ET-ON, N1148T-ON and N3132PX switches use the OverlayFS file system with which the running configuration files on the switch will not be saved from the RAM to the flash automatically. Therefore, when the power is turned off, the configuration is lost.

You need to manually issue the configuration saving command to save the configuration file from the RAM to the flash every time when you perform the following operations.

  •  Modify the password after PICOS installation(not including the first modification)
  •  Perform picos_boot
  •  Set L2 / L3 CLI commands (for the L2 / L3 CLI configuration, you need to issue the commit command before saving the configuration to flash)
  •  Set OVS commands
  •  Set Crossflow commands

You can use two commands to save your configuration, the save_config command or the copy command:

  •  Under Linux bash, issue the following command manually (When setting OVS commands, you can only use this command to save the configuration file):
admin@Xorplus$ sudo save_config
  •  In the L2 / L3 CLI operating mode, issue the following command manually:
admin@Xorplus> copy running-config startup-config
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