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 Configuration Notes

  • Enable IP routing function before using this feature, for details please refer to Configuring IP Routing.
  • Currently, only one scope zone is supported, configuring multiple multicast scope zones is not supported.、
  • Only PIM-SM and PIM-SSM are supported, PIM-DM is not supported.


Step1         Configure VLAN interface.

                   a)      Configure VLAN ID.

   set vlans vlan-id <vlan-id>

                   b)     Assign VLAN to physical port.

   set interface gigabit-ethernet <port> family ethernet-switching native-vlan-id <vlan-id>

                   c)     Associate a Layer 3 interface with a VLAN.

   set vlans vlan-id <vlan-id> l3-interface <interface-name>

                   d)     Configure the IP address of the Layer 3 VLAN interface.

   set  l3-interface vlan-interface <interface-name> address <address> prefix-length <number>

Step2         Enable IP routing.

                  set ip routing enable <true | false>

Step3         Enable IGMP on the L3 VLAN interfaces of the PIM router connected to the receiver.

                  set protocols igmp interface <interface-name>

Step4         Enable PIM-SM on the L3 VLAN interfaces.

           set protocols pim interface <interface-name> sm

Step5        Configure static RPs.

                   a)      Configure the IP address of a static RP.

                  set protocols pim rp <rp-address>

                   b)     Assign the group prefix address served by the static RP.

                 set protocols pim rp <rp-address> group <IPv4Net>

Step6       (Optional) Adjust the PIM protocol parameters in Hello message.

                set protocols pim interface <interface-name> drpriority <dr-priority>

                set protocols pim interface <interface-name> hello interval<interval>

Step7      (Optional) Configure SPT switchover function.

                 a)      Enable the SPT switchover function.

                set protocols pim spt-switchover

  b)      Configure the SPT Switchover filter list to filter updates to/from this neighbor.

                set protocols pim spt-switchover infinity-and-beyond prefix-list <text>


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