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  • Power over Ethernet(PoE) describes any of several standardized or ad-hoc systems which pass electric power along with data on twisted pair Ethernet cabling. This allows a single cable to provide both data connection and electric power to devices such as wireless access points and IP cameras.
  • Power sourcing equipment (PSE) is a device such as a network Switch that provides (or sources) power on the Ethernet cable. The maximum allowed continuous output power per cable in IEEE 802.3af is 15.40 W. A later specification, IEEE 802.3at, offers 25.50 W.
  • A powered device (PD) is a device powered by a PSE and thus consumes energy. Examples include wireless access pointsIP Phones, and IP Cameras.

Only device models marked with P, PX, PXE, NPE, PE or EP support PoE.


Here is a typical topology for PoE. The PDs are power devices connected to a PoE switch.


                                                           Figure. Power devices(PD) connect with PoE switch


Enabling PoE on all ports is mandatory for other commands.

admin@XorPlus# set poe interface all enable true
admin@XorPlus# set poe interface all threshold-mode 2
admin@XorPlus# set poe interface all max-power 32
admin@XorPlus# set poe power management-mode 3
admin@XorPlus# set poe interface all mode signal
admin@XorPlus# set poe power mode redundant
admin@XorPlus# commit

For more details, please refer to PoE Configuration Commands.

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