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Multicast Source Discovery Protocol (MSDP) establishes MSDP peers between routers (usually on RP) in different PIM-SM domains. MSDP peers interchange SA (Source-Active) messages and share multicast source information. Finally, multicast users in one domain can receive multicast data sent by multicast sources in other domains.

Anycast RP is the application of MSDP in a PIM-SM domain. Anycast RP sets up two or more RPs with the same IPv4 address on loopback interfaces in one PIM-SM domain, and establishes MSDP peer relationship between these RPs to achieve load sharing and redundancy backup among the RPs in the domain.

To establish MSDP peers, use the following command lines to configure the MSDP source and member.

set protocols msdp mesh-group < mesh-group-name> member <peer-address>

set protocols msdp mesh-group < mesh-group-name> source <source-address>

Only one mesh group is allowed in a single PIM-SM domain.

When configuring MSDP peers, configure the local MSDP device as the source and all the other remote MSDP peer devices in the same mesh group as the members.

For Anycast RP, MSDP source and member should be configured on the loopback interface.


MSDP applies only to IPv4 networks.

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