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The PICOS Monitor process is a daemon service managed by systemd, it starts before PICOS, and is responsible for the following functions.

  •   Monitor PICOS Process

Restart PICOS if any key process crashs. If restart cannot recover the system, the system will be rebooted.

When a system failure happens, the system LED will enter the warning state.

  •   Backup and Restore the Monitored Files

Backup and restore the monitored files when the system starts up again from a power down. Monitored files are mainly the configurations that could have under updation when a power cycle happened. User application files can be protected as well.

  •   Monitor CPU Usage Rate

Generate a log message if the CPU rate is higher than maximum threshold and stays there for some time period. A log message will be recorded when the CPU usage recovers to the normal rate.

  •   Monitor the Memory Usage of PICOS and User Applications

The memory usage monitored is the physical memory used, not including any system cache of file system.

  •   Monitor Disk Usage

Monitor disk usage, including free space of rootfs, tmpfs, ramdisk and user data partition.

  •   Take Care of Watchdog

PICOS Monitor initializes and feeds the watchdog register to make sure monitor itself is alive. If monitor process fails, the watchdog will trigger to reset the whole system and load the system again.

View Monitor Log

Log messages generated during Monitor process can be found at any of the following two paths. The log entries will have the keyword [PICOS_MONITOR].

admin@Xorplus:~$ journalctl /pica/bin/system/tools/monitor
admin@Xorplus:~$ tail -f /tmp/log/message

Monitor Process Management

We can use systemctl status picos-monitor command to check the status of monitor process, where ”Active: ” could be active or inactive, indicating the status of monitor process.

admin@Xorplus:~$ sudo systemctl status picos-monitor
 * picos-monitor.service - Picos Monitor
    Loaded: loaded (/lib/systemd/system/picos-monitor.service; enabled)
    Active: active (exited) since Mon 2001-01-08 18:43:02 UTC; 4h 40min ago
   Process: 648 ExecStart=/etc/init.d/picos_monitor start (code=exited, status=0/SUCCESS)
  Main PID: 648 (code=exited, status=0/SUCCESS)
    CGroup: /system.slice/picos-monitor.service

The following commands can be used to start/stop picos-monitor process.

admin@Xorplus:~$ sudo systemctl stop picos-monitor
admin@Xorplus:~$ sudo systemctl start picos-monito
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