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ovs-vsctl [--OPTION] -- set port <port> qos=@newqos -- --id=@newqos create qos type=PRONTO_STRICT queues:<queueid>=@newqueue [queues:<queueid>=@newqueue1] -- --id=@newqueue create queue other-config:min-rate=<minrate> other-config:max-rate=<maxrate> [-- --id=@newqueue1 create queue other-config:min-rate=<minrate> other-config:max-rate=<maxrate>]

Queue 0~7 represent priority 0~7, respectively.

Configure qos contain two queues:  queue 0 and queue 7.  And min and max rate of queue 0 and queue 7 is set as 10M.

admin@PicOS-OVS$ovs-vsctl set port ge-1/1/3 qos=@newqos -- --id=@newqos create qos type=PRONTO_STRICT queues:0=@newqueue queues:7=@newqueue1 -- --id=@newqueue create queue other-config:min-rate=100000000 other-config:max-rate=100000000 -- --id=@newqueue1 create queue other-config:min-rate=100000000 other-config:max-rate=100000000

ovs-vsctl [--OPTION] clear port <port> qos

Delete QoS applied <port>.

Clear QoS and queues applied port ge-1/1/3 from Qos table and queue table.

admin@PicOS-OVS$ovs-vsctl clear port ge-1/1/3 qos
admin@PicOS-OVS$ovs-vsctl --all destroy qos
admin@PicOS-OVS$ovs-vsctl --all destroy queue 




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