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Execute the diagnostic command show tech_support to send information to Pica8 Technical Support and receive a diagnostic report back. 

Executing the Diagnostic Command

admin@XorPlus> show tech_support 
Item 1: Display system version finished!
Item 2: Display system interface finished!
Item 3: Display system configuration finished!
Item 4: Display system config files finished!
Item 5: Display system process finished!
Item 6: Display system fdb table finished!
Item 7: Display system fdb entries finished!
Item 8: Display system ospf neighbors finished!
Item 9: Display system ospf interfaces finished!
Item 10: Display system route table finished!
Item 11: Get error event from log!
Item 12: Display system hard-route table finished!
Item 13: Display system hard-route for host finished!
Item 14: Dispaly system spanning tree interfaces finished!
Item 15: Dispaly system spanning tree bridge finished!
Item 16: Display system vlans table finished!
Item 17: Display system vlan-interfaces finished!
Item 18: Display system core-dump finished!
Item 19: Display system uptime finished!
Item 20: Display system arp table finished! 
The information has been stored in /tmp/XorPlus-201307052220-techSupport.log, please forward to
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