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The set protocols msdp mesh-group source command is used to configure the source address of MSDP peers.

Command Syntax

set protocols msdp mesh-group < mesh-group-name> source <source-address>




mesh-group < mesh-group-name>

Specifies the name of the MSDP mesh group. The value is a string.

source <source-address>

Specifies the address of the local RP device as the source address of the local MSDP device. The value is in dotted decimal format.

Usage Guidelines

Only one mesh group is allowed in one PIM-SM domain.

When configuring MSDP peers, configure the local MSDP device as the source and all the other remote MSDP peer devices in the same mesh group as members.


  • Create an MSDP mesh group.
admin@Xorplus# set protocols msdp mesh-group member
admin@Xorplus# set protocols msdp mesh-group source 
admin@Xorplus# commit

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