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Installation of RPSU on the switch:
Step 1: Remove RPSU from the packaging box after ensuring the model is consistent with the switch.
Step 2: Plug the RPSU into the switch. Make sure the power supply module is in the right direction (from top to bottom).

In the process of plugging in the RPSU, move slowly and prevent electrostatic buildup using standard techniques. 

2-4-1 Installation of RPSU on the switch schematic diagram. 

 Remove the RPSU from the switch in the same way. Remove the power line on the RPSU.


In order to protect the RPSU, remove the RPSU on the anti-static bag. 

2-4-2 Installation of RPSU on switch schematic diagram

The P-3290 has only one RPSU. Its RPSU is fixed in the switch, so its RPSU cannot be plugged in and out.

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