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This command is to control the data packets to forward on a specified LAG .


The configuration of this command takes effect only on known unicast traffic.


Command Syntax
set interface aggregate-ethernet <lag_name> hash-mapping mode <mode>
delete interface aggregate-ethernet <lag_name> hash-mapping mode

<lag_name> Name of LAG interface.
<mode> Configure hash mapping mode. The default value is ethernet-source-destination.

  • advance  Use global advanced configure as hash-key    
  • advanced-resilient   Use resilient hashing with advanced configure as key       
  • ethernet-destination-only Use destination mac as hash-key
  • ethernet-source-destination Use source and destination mac as hash-key
  • ethernet-source-only Use source mac as hash-key
  • ip-destination-only Use destination ip as hash-key
  • ip-source-destination Use source and destination ip as hash-key
  • ip-source-only Use source ip as hash-key

• This example is configure hash mapping mode to ethernet-destination-only advance for ae1:

admin@XorPlus# set interface aggregate-ethernet ae1 hash-mapping mode ethernet-destination-only 
admin@XorPlus# commit
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