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The Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) maps an IP address to a MAC address to enable communications within an IP network broadcast domain. If a given host (A) does not have the MAC address of another host (B) with which it wants to communicate, the sending host will generate a broadcast message to all hosts within the broadcast domain in order to obtain the MAC address of host B. While all hosts will receive the ARP request, only host B will respond with its MAC address. Host A will then cache the MAC address for future use. ARP aging is used to set the amount of time the address will remain in that cache. The default ARP aging time is 1200 seconds. This document describes how to change the ARP aging time.

Command Syntax
set protocols arp aging-time <seconds>
delete protocols arp aging-time

<seconds> Aging time in seconds,[300..14400]

• This example is to set arp aging time to 400:

admin@XorPlus# set protocols arp aging-time 400
admin@XorPlus# commit
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