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Run the command run show bgp evpn vni to display EVPN VNI related information. The output displays information such as VXLAN VNI gateway MAC-IP advertisement is enabled or not, SVI MAC-IP advertisement enabled or disabled. Also if advertisement of all VNIs is enabled or not. Other information displayed includes VNI ID, Type, RD, Import RT, Export RT and Tenant VRF.

Command Syntax

run show bgp evpn vni


  • Display BGP EVPN VNI information.
admin@Xorplus# run show bgp evpn vni
Advertise Gateway Macip: Disabled
Advertise SVI Macip: Disabled
Advertise All VNI flag: Enabled
BUM flooding: Head-end replication
Number of L2 VNIs: 1
Number of L3 VNIs: 0
Flags: * - Kernel
  VNI        Type RD                    Import RT                 Export RT                 Tenant VRF
* 10         L2             65001:10                  65001:10                 default

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