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The run show interface diagnostics tdr command.

Command Syntax

run show interface diagnostics tdr <interface-name>




tdr <interface-name>

Specifies interface name of Ethernet electrical interface.


  •  Run the following command to start the TDR cable test. The following example shows the cable length (Pair length) is approximately 31 meters long with a possible error of +/- 10 meters. All four pairs are working fine (Pair status).
admin@Xorplus# run show interface diagnostics tdr ge-1/1/1
Interface  Local pair Pair length(meter) Remote pair Pair status
---------- ---------- ------------------ ----------- -----------
ge-1/1/1   Pair A     31   +/- 10        Pair A      OK       
           Pair B     31   +/- 10        Pair B      OK      
           Pair C     31   +/- 10        Pair C      OK      
           Pair D     30   +/- 10        Pair D      OK

 Table 2. Description of the run show interface diagnostics tdr output




Indicates the name of the interface on which TDR test is enabled.

Local pair

Local four pairs.

Pair length(meter)

Displays the length and error of the cable pair in meters.

  •   When the pair is not faulty, the Pair length in the displayed message refers to the total length of the pair.
  •   When the pair is faulty, the Pair length in the displayed message is the length from the interface to the fault point in the cable.

Remote pair

Remote four pairs.

Pair status

The pair status could be "OK", "OPEN", "SHORT", "OPENSHORT", "CROSSTALK" or "N/A".

  • OK: indicates the link is up.
  • OPEN: indicates an open circuit, meaning a broken wire or maybe cable unplugged.
  • SHORT: indicates there is a short circuit on the cable.
  • N/A: indicates the port does not support TDR test.
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