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The run show interface stm command displays the total STM resources that are available and how many STM entries are in use. 


It is allowed to configure the firewall filter rule only when there are available STM resources.

Command Syntax

run show interface stm




• Show the information of STM resources.   

admin@Xorplus# run show interface stm
Total stm resource:
  Share-mode: 5
  number of host routes: 32768
  number of mac unicast addresses: 32768 
  number of firewall ingress tables: 896
  number of firewall egress tables: 510
  number of IPv4 unicast routes: 5000
  number of IPv6 unicast routes: 500
Stm resource in use:
  number of firewall ingress tables: 2
  number of firewall egress tables: 23

The item number of firewall egress tables is used for describing STM resources of CoPP. By default, the value of number of firewall egress tables in Stm resource in use: is 21 as have been used by the default CoPP configurations.

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