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The run show mlag domain command displays the global MLAG domain information.

Command Syntax

run show mlag domain {<domain-id>| summary}





Specifies a domain ID. The value is an integer that ranges from 1 to 255.


Show all MLAG information for all the MLAG domains. Currently, only one domain is supported on one MLAG device.


  • Show the global MLAG domain information.
admin@Xorplus# run show mlag domain summary
Domain ID: 1    Domain MAC: 48:6E:73:FF:00:01    Node ID: 0
Peer Link  Peer IP  Peer Vlan  Neighbor     Status  Config Matched  MAC Synced  # of Links
---------  -------   --------  ---------  ----------    ---------    --------    -------     
ae23    4088    ESTABLISHED      Yes       Yes                        2   

Table 1. Description of the run show mlag domain command output




Indicates the MLAG domain ID.


Indicates the MLAG domain MAC of MLAG device.


Indicates Node ID of the local MLAG device.


Indicates the local peer-link port.


Indicates IP address of the remote peer-link port.

Peer Vlan

Indicates the MLAG peer VLAN.

Neighbor Status

Indicates MLAG neighbor status, the value could be IDLE, CONNECTING, ESTABLISHED.

Config Matched

Indicates the consistency check results, the value could be Yes or No.

When all the check items in the configuration consistency check list in 1.1.6 Configuration Consistency Check are consistent, including Global configuration and Per MLAG configuration, then it is displayed as Yes, otherwise it is No.

MAC Synced

Indicates whether MAC synchronization is performed between the MLAG peer devices, the value could be Yes or No.

When both the following conditions match, it displays Yes, indicating that the MLAG MAC Sync function is normal between the two MLAG devices:

  • When "Neighbor Status" is ESTABLISHED;
  • In the result of run show mlag consistency-parameter link <link-id>, “Port Configurations” are all PASS, and in the result of run show mlag consistency-parameter summary, “MLAG Configurations” are all PASS.

If any of the above conditions is not satisfied, No is displayed, indicating that MAC sync has stopped between the MLAG peers.

# of Links

Indicates numbers of MLAG.

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