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The run show port-security brief command briefly displays the port security configuration and statistics information for all the secure ports.

Command Syntax

run show port-security brief




  • Run the command run show port-security brief to briefly view the port security configuration and statistics information.

    admin@Xorplus# run show port-security brief
    Secure Port    MaxMacLimit    CurrentAddr    ViolationCount    Action    
    ge-1/1/22      2                0              0               restrict    
    ge-1/1/23      1                0              0               shutdown-temp
    ge-1/1/34      1                0              0               protect 

    Table 1. Description of the run show port-security brief command output



Secure Port

Indicates the port enabled port security.


Indicates the maximum number of secure MAC addresses that can be learned on the interface.


Indicates the secure MAC addresses on the interface.


The number of times that violation was triggered.

Note that port security violations are counted only if the port security violation mode is restrict, shutdown, or shutdown-temp.


Indicates the protective action for the system to perform when the number of learned MAC addresses exceeds the limit. The value could be protect, restrict, shutdown or shutdown-temp.

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