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The set class-of–service interface scheduler-profile command applies scheduler profile at a switch physical interface.

Command Syntax

set class-of–service interface <interface-name> scheduler-profile <scheduler-profile-name>
delete class-of–service interface <interface-name> scheduler-profile <scheduler-profile-name>




interface <interface-name>

Specifies a switch physical interface. For example, te-1/1/49.


When the interface name is configured to inbound-control-plane, it means applying firewall filter to the incoming packets directed to switch CPU. As this function is substituted by CoPP feature, the value inbound-control-plane will have no effect. For details of CoPP, please refer to CoPP Configuration Guide.

scheduler-profile <scheduler-profile-name>

Specifies scheduler profile name, the value is a string type, spaces are not allowed.



  • Configure scheduler-profile p1 for port ge-1/1/1.
admin@Switch# set class-of-service interface ge-1/1/1 scheduler-profile p1
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