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The set firewall filter input interface command applies firewall filter to the incoming packets at an interface. To remove the input interface from the filter, use the delete format of the command.

Command Syntax

set firewall filter <filer-name> input interface <interface-name>
delete firewall filter <filer-name> input interface <interface-name>




filter <filter-name>

Specifies filter name, the value is a string type, spaces are not allowed.

interface <interface-name>

Specifies a switch interface. The value could be a physical interface, a logic interface or inbound-control-plane. For example, te-1/1/49, ae1.


When the interface name is configured to inbound-control-plane, it means applying firewall filter to the incoming packets directed to switch CPU. As this function is substituted by CoPP feature, the value inbound-control-plane will have no effect. For details of CoPP, please refer to CoPP Configuration Guide.



  • Set the firewall filter f1 at interface te-1/1/49.
admin@Switch# set firewall filter f1 input interface te-1/1/49
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