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To filter a packet with DSCP or IP Precendence in the packet header, use the set firewall filter sequence from ip trust-mode command in L2/L3 coniguration mode. To delete the configuration of firewall filter with DSCP or IP Precendence, use the delete form of the command.

Command Syntax

set firewall filter filter-name sequence number from ip trust-mode { dscp | inet-precendence }
delete firewall filter filter-name sequence number from ip trust-mode


filter-nameFilter name.
numberFilter sequence number. The range is 0-9999.
dscpSet the firewall filter condition to DSCP (Differentiated Services Code Point).
inet-precendenceSet the firewall filter condition to IP Precedence.

Usage Guidelines

When the firewall filter condition is configured to dscp or inet-precendence, you need to use the command set firewall filter sequence from ip value to configure the specific value of DSCP or IP Precedence.

These configurations are only used for filtering traffic based on DSCP or IP Precedence values in the packet header but have nothing to do with trust port.


The following example configures sequence 2 of the MyFilter filter to trust DSCP value in the packet header:

admin@Switch# set firewall filter MyFilter sequence 2 from ip trust-mode dscp

The following example removes the DSCP value from sequence 2 of the MyFilter filter:

admin@XorPlus# delete firewall filter MyFilter sequence 2 from ip trust-mode
>   trust-mode: "dscp"
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