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Run the command set l3-interface vlan-interface ipv6-nd supress-ra to enable or disable sending Router Advertisement (RA) on the specified VLAN interface.

Command Syntax

set l3-interface vlan-interface <vlan-interface> ipv6-nd suppress-ra true

set l3-interface vlan-interface <vlan-interface> ipv6-nd suppress-ra false


vlan-interface <vlan-interface>Specifies the VLAN interface name. The value is a string.
trueDisables sending RA packets.
falseThis option enables sending RA packets.


  • This example enables sending RA packets on interface vlan200.
admin@XorPlus# set l3-interface vlan-interface vlan4001 ipv6-nd suppress-ra false
admin@XorPlus# commit
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