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The set l3-interface vlan-interface mtu command configures the maximum transmission unit (MTU) of a Layer 3 VLAN interface.


The MTU value takes effect only on the outbound interface of the Layer 3 VLAN interface.

Command Syntax

set l3-interface vlan-interface <interface-name> mtu <mtu-value>




interface <interface-name>

Specifies a Layer 3 VLAN interface. The value is a string.

mtu <mtu-value>

Specifies the MTU of an interface. The value is an integer that ranges from 68 to 65535, in bytes. The default value is 1500 bytes.

Usage Guidelines

An MTU value determines the maximum number of bytes in the IP layer packet that can be sent at a time. If the size of the data packets of the IP layer packet exceeds the MTU supported by a transit node or a receiver, the data packet is fragmented at the sender's IP layer, and the received fragments are reassembled at the receiver's IP layer.


  •   Configure the MTU of the VLAN interface vlan10 as 2000. 
admin@Xorplus# set l3-interface vlan-interface vlan10 mtu 2000
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