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The set poe interface enable command enables PoE function on all ports or on a specific port.

Command Syntax

set poe interface {<port-id> | all} enable <true | false>




interface {<port-id> | all}

Specifies port ID. The value could be ge-1/1/1 to ge-1/1/48, all indicates a global configuration that enable or disable PoE on all ports.

enable <true | false>

Enable or disable PoE function.

  • true: enable PoE function.
  • false: disable PoE function.

By default, PoE function is disabled.


Configuration on a specific port has a higher priority than that of global configuration. For example, if a specific port enables PoE function but the global configuration disables PoE function, then PoE function of all ports is disabled except this specific port.

• This example is to enable PoE on all the ports and ge-1/1/1.

admin@XorPlus# set poe interface all enable true
admin@XorPlus# commit
admin@XorPlus# set poe interface ge-1/1/1 enable true
admin@XorPlus# commit
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