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The set poe interface priority command configures PoE priority on all the ports or on a specific ethernet port.

Command Syntax

On AG6248C:

set poe interface {<port-id> | all} priority <critical | high | low>

On AS4610-30P and AS4610-54P:

set poe interface {<port-id> | allpriority <critical | high | medium | low>




interface {<port-id> | all}

Specifies interface ID. The value could be ge-1/1/1 to ge-1/1/48, all indicates a global configuration that set all ports with a same PoE priority.

priority <critical | high | medium | low>

Specifies PoE priority.

 On AS4610-30P, AS4610-54P and AS4630-54PE:

The value is critical, high, medium and low.

The priority is: critical > high > medium > low.

The default value is medium.

On other PoE supported switches: 

The value is critical, high and low.

 The priority is: critical > high > low. 

The default value is low.

Usage Guidlines

Configuration on a specific port has a higher priority than that of global configuration. For example, if the global configuration of PoE priority is set to high, while PoE priority on a specific port is set to critical, then PoE priority on this specific port is critical, other ports are high.

If a port is set as higher priority and a situation arises where there is not sufficient power for all the PoE ports, the available power is directed to the higher priority port(s). If the switch needs to shut down powered devices because a power supply fails and there is insufficient power, low priority devices are shut before high priority powered devices. Thus, security cameras, emergency phones, and other high priority devices should be set to a high priority.


This example is to configure priority critical on all the ports and ge-1/1/1:

admin@XorPlus# set poe interface all priority critical
admin@XorPlus# commit
admin@XorPlus# set poe interface ge-1/1/1 priority critical
admin@XorPlus# commit
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