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This command is applied on  AS4610-30P, AS4630-54PE and AS4630-54NPE.

The  set poe interface threshold-mode configures PoE threshold-mode on all the ports or a specific physical port.

Command Syntax

set poe interface {<port-id> | allthreshold-mode <value>


interface {<port-id> | all}Specifies interface ID. The value could be ge-1/1/1 to ge-1/1/48, all indicates a global configuration that set a same threshold mode on all ports.
threshold-mode <value>

The value is an interger that ranges from 0 to 2.

0: None (max power 16.2W) (Default).
1: Class Based (allows the port to draw up to advertised class max).
2: User defined (User-defined max power value), configured through max power threshold configuration command below.

This command configures the type of power limit on the specific port. For the class-based power threshold, the class max power values are as follows:

Class 0: 16.2W

Class 1: 4.2W

Class 2: 7.4W

Class 3: 16.2W

Class 4: 31.2W

• This example is to configure threshold-mode 2 (user defined) on all the ports and ge-1/1/1.

admin@XorPlus# set poe interface all threshold-mode 2
admin@XorPlus# commit
admin@XorPlus# set poe interface ge-1/1/1 threshold-mode 2
admin@XorPlus# commit
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