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The set protocols arp inspection trust-port command configures an interface as a trust port on which ARP inspection will not be implemented.

Command Syntax

set protocols arp inspection trust-port <port-name>




trust-port <port-name>

Specifies an interface name. The interface can be either a physical interface or an aggregated interface. By default, all interfaces are untrusted interfaces for ARP inspection.

Usage Guidelines

ARP inspection divides interfaces into trusted and untrusted ports. On trusted ports, the system does not perform ARP inspection on incoming ARP messages, allowing the ARP messages to pass. However, ARP inspection is required for ARP messages received on the untrusted port interface.

You can use the command run show arp inspection interface to show the trust state of all the interfaces for ARP inspection.


  • Configure the interface ge-1/1/1 as an ARP inspection trust port.
admin@Xorplus# set protocols arp inspection trust-port ge-1/1/1
admin@Xorplus# commit

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