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The command set protocols bgp evpn advertise ipv6-unicast is used to configure the device to announce IPv6 prefixes in the BGP RIB as EVPN Type-5 routes. Add the optional parameter route-map if you want to add a route map filter to the IPv6 Type-5 route advertisement. If the route map filter is not used, all the IPv6 routes in the BGP RIB are included in the advertisement. The other optional parameters are vrf to specify a VRF for this command to take effect on.

To delete this configuration, run the command delete set protocols bgp evpn advertise ipv6-unicast.

Command Syntax

set protocols bgp [vrf <vrf-name>] evpn advertise ipv6-unicast [route-map <route-map>]

delete protocols bgp [vrf <vrf-name>] evpn advertise ipv6-unicast [route-map <route-map>]




vrf <vrf-name>

Optional. Specifies the name of the VRF.

route-map <route-map>

Specifies a route map filter for the IPv6 Type-5 route advertisement.


  • Configure the device to advertise EVPN Type-5 IPv6 routes in VRF BLUE and apply route-map map1.
admin@Xorplus# set protocols bgp vrf BLUE advertise ipv6-unicast route-map map1
admin@Xorplus# commit
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