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If we want the route target (RT) to be configured manually instead of being auto-configured, run the command set protocols bgp evpn vni route-target type. The command specifies the route target and its type as well. Parameter type can have three possible values, export, import or both. If you choose both then the RT is used as both an import and export route target.

Run the command delete protocols bgp evpn vni route-target to delete this configuration.

Command Syntax

set protocols bgp evpn vni <vni-id> route-target <route-targettype <both | export | import>

delete protocols bgp evpn vni <vni-id> route-target <route-target> type <both | export | import>




vni <vni-id>Specifies the VNI ID. The value is an integer that ranges from 1 to 16777215.
route-target <route-target>Specifies the route target. The value of route target follows the format AS:VNI, e.g. 65100:20
type <both | export | import>Specifies the RT type as either import, export or both.


  • Configure the route target value 65100:20 for VNI 20 and used for both export and import.
admin@Xorplus# set protocols bgp evpn vni 20 route-target 65100:20 type both
admin@Xorplus# commit
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