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Run the command set protocols bgp neighbor evpn activate to enable or disable the BGP peer within the EVPN address family to enable EVPN route exchange with the specified BGP peer.

Optional parameter vrf can be used to identify a VRF, if not defined, the command takes effect on the default VRF. 

Command Syntax

set protocols bgp [vrf <vrf-name>] neighbor <bgp-peerevpn  activate <true | false>




vrf <vrf-name>

Specifies the name of the VRF. The value is a string.

neighbor <bgp-peer>

Specifies the BGP neighbor IPv4 or IPv6 address, e.g.

activate <true | false>

Enables or disables the address family for the specified neighbor

  • true: Enables the address family for the specified neighbor.
  • false: Disables the address family for the specified neighbor.


  • Configure the device to enable EVPN BGP route exchange with peer in VRF BLUE.
admin@Xorplus# set protocols bgp vrf BLUE neighbor evpn activate true
admin@Xorplus# commit
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