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The set protocols dhcp relay interface option82-policy command configures how to handle the Option 82 field when receiving a DHCP Discover, DHCP Request, DHCP Release, DHCP Decline or DHCP Inform message with Option 82 on the L3 VLAN interfaces where DHCP relay is enabled.

Command Syntax

set protocols dhcp relay interface <vlan-interface-name> option82-policy <drop | keep | insert | replace>




interface <vlan-interface-name>

Specifies an L3 VLAN interface name. The value is a string.

option82-policy <drop | keep | insert | replace>

Specifies the policy for Option 82. The value could be drop, keep, insert or replace.

  • drop: drop the packet.
  • keep: the packet is unchanged and forwarded.
  • insert: the existing Option 82 sub-options remain unchanged, and the non-existing Option 82 sub-option will be inserted with the value the administrator configured, then forward the packet to the DHCP server.
  • replace: replace the Option 82 sub-options with the value administrator configured, and then forward the packet.

The default value is keep.

Usage Guidelines

Option 82 policy is used when receiving a DHCP Discover/Request/Release/Decline/Inform message from the DHCP client. When option82-policy is set to “insert” or “replace”, you can use the following commands to set the format of sub-option circuit ID and remote ID:

set protocols dhcp relay option82 circuit-id <port-index | port-name | port-description>

set protocols dhcp relay option82 remote-id <system-mac | hostname>

For details about how Option 82 is processed by the DHCP snooping and DHCP relay module, see Introduction of DHCP.


  • Configure the Option 82 policy.
admin@Xorplus# set protocols dhcp relay interface vlan12 option82-policy insert

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