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The set protocols dhcp server pool network command creates an IPv4 address pool and the network that can be assigned to the DHCP clients.

Command Syntax

set protocols dhcp server pool <pool-name> network <IPv4Net>




pool <pool-name>

Specifies an address pool name. The value is a string of case-sensitive characters, spaces are not supported.

network <IPv4Net>

Specify an IPv4 network segment from which DHCP server can dynamically assign IP addresses to the DHCP clients.

The value is in the form of IPv4_address/ prefix_length, where prefix_length can range from 1 to 32.

For example,

Usage Guidelines

The DHCP server can assign IP addresses to the DHCP clients from the configured address pool.


  • Each address pool can be configured with only one network segment. If the system needs multiple segments, multiple address pools need to be configured, but there can be no address overlap between pools.
  • The network segment of the address pool should be the same network segment as the IP of the VLAN interface connected to the client.


  • Create an IPv4 address pool pool1, and the network is
admin@Xorplus# set protocols dhcp server pool pool1 network
admin@Xorplus# commit

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