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The set protocols dhcp snooping option82 trust-all command is used to enable or disable Option 82 trust-all function for DHCP snooping.

Command Syntax

set protocols dhcp snooping option82 trust-all <true | false>




<true | false>

Enables or disables Option 82 trust-all function, the value could be true or false:

  • true: Enables Option 82 trust-all function.
  • false: Disables Option 82 trust-all function.

By default, Option 82 trust-all function is disabled.

Usage Guidelines

DHCP Discover/Request/Release/Decline/Inform packets received on the switch without giaddr but containing Option 82 are dropped by default. To allow these packets on the switch, PICOS supports Option 82 trust all function:

  • If trust all is enabled, such packets will be processed according to the configuration of the Option 82 policy.
  • If trust all is disabled, then drop the packets.

This command is useful if there is a switch in between the client and the DHCP snooping device that may insert Option 82. Use this command to ensure that these packets do not get dropped.


  • Enable Option 82 trust-all function.
admin@Xorplus# set protocols dhcp snooping option82 trust-all true

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