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The set protocols dhcp snooping vlan disable command enables DHCP snooping in a specified VLAN.

Command Syntax

set protocols dhcp snooping vlan <vlan-id> disable <true | false>




vlan <vlan-id>

Specifies a VLAN. The value is an integer that ranges from 1 to 4094.

disable <true | false>

Enables or disables DHCP snooping, the value could be true or false:

  • true: Disables DHCP snooping.
  • false: Enables DHCP snooping.

By default, DHCP snooping is disabled.

Usage Guidelines

DHCP snooping should be enabled in the VLAN, it takes effect only on the DHCP messages received from the VLAN enabled with DHCP snooping function. Packets received from the VLANs with DHCP snooping disabled will not be processed by the DHCP snooping module, and they will be processed and forwarded by the device as ordinary packets.


  • The DHCP snooping function is only practicable to the clients directly connected to the local L2 domain, rather than connected through a router.
  • When DHCP snooping is disabled, the DHCP binding entry for the VLAN will be removed correspondingly.


  • Enable DHCP snooping in VLAN 12.
admin@Xorplus# set protocols dhcp snooping vlan 12 disable false

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