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The set protocols dot1x interface authentication-open disable command enables open authentication function on a specified interface.

Command Syntax

set protocols dot1x interface <interface-name> authentication-open disable <true | false>




interface <interface-name>

Specifies the physical interface name. The value could be ge-1/1/1, xe-1/1/2, and so on.

disable <true | false>

Configures whether to enable or disable the open authentication function. The value is true or false.

  •   true: disables the open authentication function.
  •   false: enables the open authentication function.

The default value is true.

Usage Guidelines

With open authentication function, only DHCP packets are allowed on the specified port to make Client could get IP address before any authentication has succeeded.


  • Enable the open authentication function on ge-1/1/1.
admin@Xorplus# set protocols dot1x interface ge-1/1/1 authentication-open disable false

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