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The set protocols igmp interface join-group command configures a static multicast group on an interface.

Command Syntax
set protocols igmp interface <interface-name> join-group <group-address> [source <source-address>]

delete protocols igmp interface <interface-name> join-group <group-address>


interface <interface-name>The VLAN interface name. The value is a string.
join-group <group-address>Specifies a multicast group address. In batch configuration mode, this parameter specifies the start address of the multicast group range. The value ranges from to, in dotted decimal notation.
source <source-address>Optional. Specifies a multicast source address. If the specified static group address is an SSM group address, you must specify a multicast source address for the group. The address is in dotted decimal notation.

Usage Guidelines

You can configure static multicast groups on user-side interfaces of the switch in some scenarios, for example:

  • There are long-term group members on a shared network segment, and the switch needs to forward multicast data to these group members quickly and steadily.

  • A network segment has no group member or hosts on the network segment cannot send Report messages, but multicast data needs to be sent to this network segment.

After a static multicast group is configured on an interface, the switch considers that the multicast group always has members on the network segment of the interface. Therefore, the switch always forwards multicast data of the multicast group.

Note that: The IGMP entries of static groups configured on an interface never time out. The switch considers that this interface is always connected to group members, and keeps forwarding multicast packets of the specified multicast groups to the network segment of the interface.

• Configure static multicast group on vlan2.

admin@XorPlus# set protocols igmp interface vlan2 join-group
admin@XorPlus# commit
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