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The set protocols igmp interface query-max-response-time command sets the maximum response time for IGMP General Query messages on an interface.

Command Syntax
set protocols igmp interface <interface-name> query-max-response-time <interval>

delete protocols igmp interface <interface-name> query-max-response-time


interface <interface-name>The VLAN interface name. The value is a string.
query-max-response-time <interval>Specifies the maximum response time for IGMP General Query messages. The value is an integer that ranges from 10 to 250, in deciseconds.

Usage Guidelines

If hosts send IGMP Report messages immediately after they receive IGMP General Query messages, the querier on a shared network segment may receive a large number of Report messages sent from many hosts at the same time. The network may be congested when this situation occurs.

To avoid such situations, IGMPv2 and IGMPv3 messages specify the maximum response time for IGMP General Query messages. When a host running IGMPv2 or IGMPv3 receives an IGMP General Query message, it starts a timer for the group it wants to join. The timer length is a random value between 0 and the maximum response time. When the timer times out, the host sends a Report message.

The maximum response time specifies the deadline for the host to send a Report message. An appropriate maximum response time allows hosts to respond to Query messages quickly and prevents hosts from sending Report messages at the same time.

• Set the maximum response time for IGMP General Query messages to 80 deciseconds on vlan2.

admin@XorPlus# set protocols igmp interface vlan2 query-max-response-time 80
admin@XorPlus# commit
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