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Run the command set protocols ospf interface network to enable OSPF on an interface and specify a network type. Enabling OSPF on an interface allows the interface to send and receive LSAs. Four different network types can be specified here namely, broadcast, non-broadcast, point-to-multipoint and point-to-point.

To delete this configuration, run the command delete protocols ospf interface network

Command Syntax

set protocols ospf interface <vlan-interface> network <broadcast|non-broadcast|point-to-multipoint|point-to-point>

delete protocols ospf interface <vlan-interface> network <broadcast|non-broadcast|point-to-multipoint|point-to-point>




interface <vlan-interface>

Specifies the name of the interface. The value is a string.

broadcastSpecifies the OSPF broadcast multi-access network.
non-broadcastSpecifies the OSPF NBMA network.
point-to-multipointSpecifies the OSPF point-to-multipoint network.
point-to-pointSpecifies the OSPF point-to-point network.


  •  Enable OSPF on interface vlan200 and specify network type as point-to-point.
admin@XorPlus# set protocols ospf interface vlan200 network point-to-point
admin@Xorplus# commit
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