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Run the command set protocols ospf6 auto-cost reference-bandwidth to set the reference bandwidth for automatic route cost calculation. The reference bandwidth specified here is considered equivalent to OSPF cost of 1. The default bandwidth is 100Mbits/s, that is, a link with bandwidth of 100Mbits/s or higher is considered to have a cost of 1. Cost of links with lower bandwidth will be calculated with reference to this bandwidth value. 

Note that this configuration must be consistent within the OSPF domain.

Run the command delete protocols ospf6 auto-cost reference-bandwidth to delete this configuration

Command Syntax

set protocols ospf6 auto-cost reference-bandwidth <ref-bandwidth>

delete protocols ospf6 auto-cost reference-bandwidth <ref-bandwidth>




reference-bandwidth <ref-bandwidth>Specifies the reference bandwidth. The value is an integer that ranges from 1 to 4294967.


  •  Configure the OSPFv3 reference bandwidth to 500000.
admin@XorPlus# set protocols ospf6 auto-cost reference-bandwidth 500000
admin@Xorplus# commit
Commit Ok.
Save done
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